Bullards Lane

Snow!! It’s 18th December and what better way to end the school term than with snow. Tom’s school closed and he was texting friends by 7.30 am planning the snowballing vanue. I walked George to school and then stayed to help out as some staff were snowed in. it was perfect snowman snow and it was great to see the children having such good fun. Have a look at the pictures.

 Our first house in Suffolk. Built in 1958 and almost untouched ever since! Certainly the wiring, which in places the casing has turned to dust. A typical Barton house really. The house has been a rental house for some years and empty for the last three.

Our plan is to have three good sized bedrooms and a family bathroom upstairs. A lounge and a kitchen diner leading into a day room at the back of the house. The garage will adjoin the house and will include a utility room and study.

The back garden is very long and we are going to plant veg and keep chickens. We have lots of apple trees so Mark is looking into how to make cider this autumn.

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