The House

May 2010 – We now have a Solar P.V. array on the roof, the first of many installations by ‘Coastal Carbon Neutral’, Mark’s new business. Mark spends many happy minutes in the pantry checking on his electricity production! (Pictures to follow).

June 2009 – We moved in on May13th after a frantic few weeks trying to get through the jobs. The windows are all in, the back windows have been lowered. The bathroom suite is in situ but the floor is carpetted with a large piece of cardboard box until the laminate goes down (shower pump to be fitted first). It was great to hang our pictures up again although lots had to go back in the loft as the house is smaller than the barn. We are lacking motivation now as we worked so hard so are taking time out for R and R.

April 2009 – Four weeks to go and there is a small air of panic. The rest of the windows should arrive tomorrow. George’s window is a priority as the plasterer comes on Thursday and Mark has to dry line round the new window. Some decorating has begun but there are still dusty jobs to do so can’t push on. All wiring upstairs complete and almost all down. The fireplace is still in kit form. We ordered the upstairs carpets today so we now have a deadline of May 8th to work to. It feels good to have some of the bathroom in but again the window has to be fitted.

March 9th – Mark has been re wiring the house and yesterday we flicked the switch from old circuit to new. There are all new switches and sockets upstairs and some have been completed downstairs. Most walls have new wiring channels which have been plastered. Tom’s and our room just need the plaster sanding before decorating. All the walls need lining as there are hairline cracks so I’m not beginning that until Mark has stopped producing dust.

The plumbing has not been quite such a success. George told all! Mark has started the plumbing, see new soil pipe. He was fitting our radiator when he drilled through the old system! Luckily George was on hand to stick his finger in the hole while daddy ran down and turned off the water. Now we have no water and no loo.

Stop Press! The new log burner has arrived. Mark climbed on to the roof (a not to be repeated experience) and took the old gas cowl off the chimney and within a few minutes there was smoke. Now nothing will get done as the lounge is warm and every where else is freezing.

February 2009 – Mark has annihilated the inside of the house as he has demolished the bathroom which will now be George’s room as it is bigger then the third bedroom. All that remains is the loo, sitting in state on the landing. A rather public affair but it needs to stay until the new bathroom is built. The cylinder cupboard’s removal led to the wiring discovery so now every room has floor boards up and he’s chiselling recesses for sockets and light switches. I had been wall paper striping but have now retired to the garden as there’s no room left in the house.

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