The Garden

April 2009 – We now have three lawn mowers and are spoilt for choice. We grass has spent so long on it’s side that much of it is dead. Hope it will green up. Cut down some of the conifers but will need to also get rid of the line of conifers near the orchard as they are drinking the water that my veg will need. The veg patch is all planted. We are growing potatoes, parsnips, carrots, different onions, garlic, peas, marrow and sweetcorn. The old double glazing is a temporary cloche.

Last weekend I went to Hen School and learned all about keeping hens. We are very excited. We have booked three ex battery hens for August which should give Mark time to build them a Des Res out of the old shed.

March 21st/22nd – A beautifully sunny weekend. Realising that there isn’t time to go and fetch the rotavator from Sa and Dave I decided to dig the veg plot by hand. A tricky thing to do when recovering form a chest infection as every 5 minutes I had to sit down. Luckily George helped and we slowly cut back the turf. The soil underneath was not too compacted and not to difficult to dig over, never the less I am stiff and ache in places I didn’t know I had. Tom made an archery target and he and George made some very sharp arrows which I half expected to pierce me when I was digging. So Sarah I’m ready for my seedlings!!

March 9th – After a busy few weeks there’s progress on the garden. A lawn mower off ‘e bay’ has done the most effective work but I’ve spent a lot of hours pruning and weeding. My birthday gardening vouchers have been spent on bark chippings, daffodils and a hand rake.

February 2009 – The first job was to find the front garden as it hadn’t been touched in a couple of years. Heavy pruning and digging has helped but we need a petrol lawn mower to see if we can save the grass. At the moment the neighbour’s cats are using the site as a litter tray, nice.

The back garden is long. It ends with a fruit tree orchard. Behind the second set of conifers is a further 25ft. Not quite sure where to start. The garden is north east facing so only the bottom half gets good sun. The plan is to have the vegetables down the bottom and to partially screen them from the formal part of the garden, with a seating area in a sunny spot.



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