September 2010 – Chicken news!

Well since July we’ve not had much luck. Humbug, our Wesummer died which was very sad. We have called the Marans, Honey Korma and Marmalade. They are now outside in an ‘Ark’ which Mark built – a bit leaky! They have to stay in there until they are fully grown (20ish weeks) then they can join Maud and Phylis. However as Marmalade has grown she has started to kneel down and it looks as if she will be disabled (I told you we weren’t having much luck). Happily my hen lady Lesley looks after such hens, she is a veterinary nurse and we are taking Marmalade to visit her tomorrow. Hopefully she will go and live at Lesley’s house.


Two weeks ago a neighbour brought us a day old chick that she had rescued from a cat. It is a Wesummer cross and hopefully a girl. She was very lonely so yesterday we bought her two new playmates, two Wheaten Marans. I have a few pictures. As yet no names.

March 2010 – We are very sad to say that Nora, our favourite chicken has died. She wasn’t eating in the afternoon and we found her dead in the hen house the next morning. We think that she had come to the end of her time with us. As is happens we have had only two eggs since before Christmas and we still have two each day so it appears that Nora hadn’t been laying for some time. We are thinking that we may add more chickens to our brood in a short while.

September 2009 – At last after much waiting the chickens are here! Nora, Phylis and Maud joined us today. They were rescued from a Lincolnshire farm yesterday and George and I drove over to Wisbeach this morning. They actually are not caged hens but barn reared so they don’t look as mangey as we were expecting. They have been outside all day, for the first time in their lives and they are loving it. George has spent the afternoon ‘hen worrying’. He has tried them on worms and caterpillars with great

success. They will be put to bed shortly. The most surprising event was that two of them laid an egg in the cardboard box in the car!! That was what the noise was about!!


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