Back afloat

At last we are back on the water! Mark found ‘My Girl’ on e-bay. She’s a Cobra 750 and she was sitting in the Norfolk Braods. We spent a very busy day hauling her out, pressure washing her, dropping her back in, emptying all the junk out, cleaning all the green slime off, removing 1000000’s of spiders and preparingher for sea. The next day we bought a one day broads pass and set off for Lowestoft. It was fantastic to be back on the water. Cold beer and tinned stew! The engine behaved well and the trip down the coast was made. Very tidal but sunny. After a night in the Royal Suffolk and Norfolk Yacht Basin Mark and Dave sailed her down the coast. A rolly ride made worse by the raging hangovers. She is now on a deep water mooring on the River Deben. We can’t register her with the MCA as no boat name can begin’My’ as it stands for motor yacht’ so we are trying out a few new names. At the moment we are thinking of ‘Ruby’.

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